BetOnDroid Engine

BetOnDroid Engine is an open source Java library for programming access to the Betfair Sports Exchange using public Betfair API instead of Betfair website

No restrictions

Anyone is eligeble download the source code of the library and use it to implement their own application or automatic bot in order to launch it on any operating system that supports the Java programming language – Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

Together we can make library better

The library source is open on GitHub. Help fix bugs and add new features with fellow developers by submitting your source code changes via GitHub pull requests


The Betfair API declares programming access to the Betfair Exchange bypassing the Betfair website.

The BetOnDroid Engine library is a Java implementation of the Betfair API that you can use in order to access the Betfair Exchange with your own application, bypassing the website
Access to the Betfair Exchange through the public API is open to everyone if you do not live in Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or UAE
Of course you can. You can use another library to access or even write your own
Betfair may ask you to pay a one-time fee for using the Betfair API from your Betfair account. Without paying the fee, your access to the exchange may be limited
A developer key is a mandatory for using the Betfair API, and therefore the BetOnDroid library. You can generate a developer key by yourself on the Betfair website
BetOnDroid library is distributed under the LGPL v.3 license

The product is in development and will be available soon