BetOnDroid App

Access the Betfair Sports Exchange right from your Android device using BetOnDroid application.

Enjoy Ladder interface for the Betfair Sports Exchange, probably the best interface for trading and betting on the Betfair Sports Exchange.

BetOnDroid application’s graphic user interface is optimized for any Android smartphones and tablets

Life Mirror

Group and sort your current and settled bets using 88 different combinations

Balance chart

Check your account balance changes over the time using convenient charts


GreenUp a market in one click only

Free of charge

Download and use application free of charge using free subscription

Certified by Betfair

BetOnDroid application was approved by Betfair security team and added to the official Betfair’s applications directory

BetOnDroid is an application for betting and trading on Betfair Sports Exchange

All benefits of Betfair Sports Exchange now are available on Android powered devices. Take advantages of Betfair’s fastest Android client – try BetOnDroid application.

Completely safe, fast and intuitive application. Free subscription is always available free of charge.

Use the help link if you encountered troubles with free registration

Life Mirror

Take advantage of the unique ability to group and sort current and settled bets using 88 different ways.

Using Life Mirror feature you are able to check the lists of your most successful or least successful sports, events, markets for a predefined or custom time range. You are even able to check the value of total Exchange commission was charged for your account

Balance chart

Check changes of your account balance using a convenient chart. To create a chart, choose a standard time range from a predefined list or use any custom time range.

Информационный блок

BetOnDroid App
Free subscription
Paid subscription
per month
Fast market data requests
Max market refresh rate is two requests per second
See unmatched orders up to $0.01
Main Betfair web-site doesnt allow to see unmatched orders with the bet sizes below predefined minimal bet
Your balance change over time
Use a convenient chart in order to see your account balance movement over the time
Change bet size in one click
4 independed graphical buttons with customized bet size
Detect Betfair server issues without helpdesk
See current status of the Betfair web-server (operational/non-operational) using Market view
Life Mirror
Group and sort matched/unmatched/settled/canceled/lapsed/voided orders using 88 different combinations!
Fill or Kill
Cancel order immediately if it was not fully or partially matched on market
Unmanaged markets
Access to Inplay markets which are not actively managed by Betfair (they are never suspended until the final whistle)
Tennis, Horses and Dogs races livescores are available
No ads banners
Dutching, Bookmaking and other multibet features
Annual subscription


BetOnDroid is an application for the Android operating system. With this application you can conveniently place bets on the Betfair betting exchange without using the website.
Yes, it is absolutely legal. Betfair Security team has confirmed that the application meets the highest level of security and has authorized its use
No, as long as there is only one version of the application, for Android compatible phones and tablets
According to the market policy, it is prohibited to distribute sports betting apps on the Google Play store.
No, additional registration is not required. Use your Betfair account login and password