BetOnDroid v.3.0.2 (11-11-2019)
  • UI improvement. Added sort type ‘By match time’ for a matched orders list
  • UI improvement. Single bet size control screen significantly improved. In order to reach single bet size change screen in one click just tap on your current bet size at market view
  • Fixed GreenUp bugs
  • Fixed livescore management
  • Fixed bug related to the ‘Search event’ feature
  • Fixed login bug for Meizu devices
BetOnDroid v.3.0.1 (02-11-2019)
  • Added ‘My bets’ menu item to the Main screen
  • Network performance improvement
  • Fixed crash on Lollipop devices (Android 5.x)
  • Fixed remote certificate validation for Honor devices
  • Fixed random crash on market view screen
BetOnDroid v.3.0.0 (29-10-2019)
  • ‘Free’ and ‘Paid’ application modes have been introduced. ‘Paid subscription’ mode currently disabled. ‘Free subscription’ mode token can be requested every 15 days using BetOnDroid application and does not have any functional restrictions
  • Minimal supported Android version is v.14 (Android IceCream)
  • Application HMI has been redesigned to meet Google Material design requirements
  • Fixed several bugs in Tennis livescore
  • Multiple runners at once betting feature has been introduced
  • Dutching and Bookmaking features have been implemented
  • 2TBP, 3TBP, 4TBP horse markets have been recovered
  • Kill or Fill feature has been implemented
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes
BetOnDroid v.2.6.1 (04-10-2016)
  • Fixed tablet devices crash on horse racing markets
BetOnDroid v.2.6.0 (18-09-2016)
  • Minimum bet size restriction has been removed. Any bet sizes are allowed
  • Separate login to Romanian jurisdiction exchange has been added
  • Live horse race status has been introduced
  • Tennis live score improvements
  • Network perfomance improvements
BetOnDroid v.2.5.4 (18-09-2015)
  • Fixed application crash on “All events” button for some Lollipop devices
BetOnDroid v.2.5.3 (05-09-2015)
  • Application has been prepared for the Android v.6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Fixed crash during events navigation on Android v.5.xx (Lollipop)
  • Fixed broken events search
BetOnDroid v.2.5.1 (07-06-2015)
  • Tennis livescore improvements
BetOnDroid v.2.5 (01-06-2015)
  • Quick events search feature has been added
  • Livescore stream feature has been added (tennis events only except Grand Slam events)
  • Events filter has been added for the Inplay now/soon buttons
  • Network speed improvements
  • Multiple layout fixes
  • Fixed bug when no detailed info shown for the settled australian bets
  • Update bet persistence bug has been fixed
  • Memory leak has been fixed
BetOnDroid v.2.3.1 (30-03-2015)
  • Fixed crash when loading greyhound today's card
  • Minimum required Android version has been changed for Android v.2.3.3 (Gingerbread MR1)
BetOnDroid v.2.3 (27-03-2015)
  • User interface has been significantly improved  
  • Added Canceled, Voided, Settled, and Lapsed bets lists  
  • Account statement view has been changed: Different views for UK and AUS wallets added. Lists of deposits, withdraws, and transfers added  
  • BetOnDroid has been updated to use with most actual Android v.5.1  
  • Improved football events navigation. Country navigation has been added  
  • Betfair authirization by email address has been implemented. You must enable this feature on your Betfair account before using it  
  • Multiple missed sports icons has been added  
  • Quick access to the unmanaged Betfair markets list has been introduced  
  • Tablets only: price chart has been added to the market view instead of shown as dialog  
  • Tablets only: horse form info has been added to the market view instead of shown as dialog  
  • Australian events navigation bug has been fixed  
  • TOO_MUCH_DATA issue has been fixed  
  • Fixed bug with wrong profit/loss shown when bet partially matched only  
  • Fixed click on BetOnDroid notification for Android v.4.3 and higher  
BetOndroid v.2.1.1 (17-01-2015)
  • Proper sorting of Matched/Unmatched/Settled orders have been implemented  
  • Fixed random crash on Matched/Unmatched orders tabs  
BetOnDroid v.2.1 (07-01-2015)
  • Introduced bet edit feature. Size, price, or persistence of unmatched orders can be edited now. Please, edit unmatched bets using long press on the unmatched bet at market view or at unmatched bets tab view  
  • Stability improvement  
BetOndroid v.2.0.7 (21-12-2014)
  • Sort events menu has been added. Ability to sort events by alphabet, by matched amounts, by event start time, and by number of opened markets has been added  
  • Fixed bug with incorrect profit and loss on market view  
  • Fixed bug on matched bets tab where sometimes not all matched bets shown
BetOnDroid v.2.0.6 (03-12-2014)
  • The amount of network traffic has been considerably reduced  
  • Application autoupdate has been improved  
  • Price chart menu item has been fixed  
BetOndroid v.2.0.5 (01-12-2014)
  • First stable release of the API-NG implementation  
  • Updating application to use wih Android v.5.0 (Lollipop)  
  • InPlay markets navigation issue has been fixed  
  • Fixed settled bets list bug  
  • Hockey icon height has been fixed  
BetOnDroid v.2.04 Beta (25-11-2014)
  • Finance markets navigation has been fixed  
  • 2-way authorization has been implemented  
  • Events navigation has been improved  
  • Show market winner for closed markets  
  • Minor issues fixes  
BetOndroid v.2.03 Beta (17-11-2014)
  • Colorized login status has been implemented  
  • Virtual prices menu item has been removed  
  • Horse/Greyhound racing todays's card added  
  • Hihglighting of the removed runners has been implemented  
  • Transfer funds between wallets issue fixed  
  • Fixed crash for markets which have no unmatched orders  
  • Fixed crash on Gingerbread devices (Android v.2.3.x)  
  • Markets download speed significantly increased for Gingerbread devices (Android v.2.3.x)  
BetOnDroid v.2.01 Beta (10-11-2014)
  • Fixed green up issue  
  • Fixed issue with liability  
BetOndroid v.2.00 Beta (09-11-2014)
  • First release of the Betfair API-NG implementation (Beta quality)  
BetOndroid v.1.9.17 (10-10-2014)
  • Last release of the 1.xx version. This version will be deprecated after October 31, 2014 when Betfair exchange access rules will be changed by Betfair Inc. Next BetOnDroid release v.2.00 will be available before October 25, 2014  
  • Minor login bug fixed  
  • Missed icon for Handball event has been added. Volleyball icon has been improved  
  • Minimum required Android version has been changed for Android v.2.3 (Gingerbread). Android v.2.2 (Froyo) is no longer supported  
BetOndroid v.1.9.16 (15-08-2014)
  • Fixed random application crash which may occur after launching BetOnDroid with 'Recent Application' button. Especially for Android 4.1.x (JellyBean) powered devices  
BetOnDroid v.1.9.15 (08-08-2014)
  • Huge battery drain sometimes starts during InPlay betting and continues forever. Fixed  
  • Fixed bug with InPlay betting progress bar  
  • Random application crash after BetOnDroid resumes from background has been fixed  
  • Tablets only: Show detailed horse info after long click on horse name  
BetOndroid v.1.9.14 (04-08-2014)
  • 'Match Odds only' view has been added for InPlay Now, InPlay Soon, Today Markets, and Tomorrow Markets views  
  • 'Sort by name' and 'Sort by event start time' menus were added for InPlay Now, InPlay Soon, Today Markets, and Tomorrow markets views  
  • 'Search' menu has been added for InPlay Now, InPlay Soon, Today Markets, and Tomorrow Markets views. You can use Search feature to look up event by sport name, league name, or team name  
  •  'Today Markets' view shows markets which will or have already started 
BetOnDroid v.1.9.7 (05-07-2014)
  • Application stability improvements  
BetOndroid v.1.9.6 (03-07-2014)
  • Load new events minor bug has been fixed  
  • Cross-matching display bug for australian markets has been fixed  
BetOnDroid v.1.9.5 (01-07-2014)
  • Workaround has been made for Android OS bug #38622 for devices with Portuguese locale (no currency sign shown on Android v.4.2 and lower)  
  • Fixed application start crash for Android 2.3.1 – 2.3.3  
  • Tablets layout improvements. Show more runner info on market view for horse racing events  
BetOndroid v.1.9.3 (14-06-2014)
  • "My bets" window crash fixed for devices powered by Android v.3.0 and lower  
  • Tablets only: Layout has been improved
BetOnDroid v.1.9.2 (01-06-2014)
  • Ability to remove favorite markets from main page has been added (use long press to remove favorite market)  
  • Random crash during green-up bet has been fixed on Samsung devices  
  • Bet size editing screen has been improved  
  • Auto update over WiFi only settings has been added  
BetOndroid v.1.9.1 (03-05-2014)
  • Long press unmatched bet to update it right on market view  
  • Introduced ability to enter bet size as bet liability  
  • Swap BACK and LAY columns on market view feature has been added to the BetOnDroid settings  
BetOnDroid v.1.9 (16-04-2014)
  • Bet edit feature has been added. Long press or swipe unmatched bet on 'My bets' screen to cancel/edit it
  • Fixed bug with Australian wallet balance update  
  • Fixed bug with bet size editing
BetOndroid v.1.8.9 (24-02-2014)
  • Fixed bug related to displaying bets settled on Winter Olympics-2014  
  • Portuguese has been added
BetOnDroid v.1.8.8 (20-11-2013)
  • Settled bets tab has been added to the bets list  
  • More controls have been added to the 'My bets' screen: time period selector, checkbox for including AUS markets  
  • Versions history list has been added to the application  
  • Application stability improvements  
BetOndroid v.1.8.7 (01-08-2013)
  • Market's trading history now available. You can see it at right column of the market.  
  • BetOnDroid has been adapted for the Android v.4.3  
  • Progress bar duration for InPlay betting has been fixed  
  • Minor improvements of the user interface  
BetOnDroid v.1.8.6 (17-07-2013)
  • BetOnDroid has been approved by Google and added to the Google Play market
  • Minor bugs fixed  
BetOndroid v.1.8.5 (12-07-2013)
  • BSP betting has been implemented  
  • Show event start time when requesting 'InPlay now' and 'InPlay soon' events  
  • Changing color of greenUp profit and loss for green and red correspondingly  
  • Market's language selector has been implemented  
  • Highlighting best BACK and LAY prices  
  • Fixed bug in bets list  
  • Speed improvements  
BetOndroid v.1.8.3 (17-06-2013)
  • Runner info for horse racing events available now 
  • Minor bugs fixed at price chart  
BetOnDroid v.1.8.1 (28-05-2013)
  • Prices chart feature has been implemented  
  • Price grid height control has been implemented  
  • User interface bug has been fixed
BetOndroid v.1.8 (10-05-2013)
  • Virtual prices have been implemented (see Virtual prices on Betfair site for explanation)
  • Betfair Full Access API has been implemented. You can use Betfair Full Access API free of charge for now  
  • Minimal market prices refresh rate decreased for 0.5 sec  
  • In-Play icon has been added for In-Play matches in the bets list  
BetOndroid v.1.5.2 (09-04-2013)
  • First public release  
  • One-click betting implemented  
  • One-click bet cancelling implemented  
  • One-click green-up implemented
  • Australian events betting implemented
  • Betfair Free API access supported only