Keeps logging out

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Re: Keeps logging out

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I use international jurisdiction as I'm in the UK and there isn't an option for that.
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Re: Keeps logging out

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Hi Fiddyxo, rafateleco1981

We are not able to reproduce the defect you mentioned even using real Samsung S10+ hardware (factory reset was applied before the test).
Unfortunately, the only way to figure out the issue is to analyze the bug report.
We will continue investigation once you share Bug report from your device
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Re: Keeps logging out

Post by rafateleco1981 »

SupportTeam wrote: Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:02 pm rafateleco1981,

Do you use "International jurisdiction" or "Spain jurisdiction" in order to make login to Betfair exchange?
We have tested international one. Could you try to use it as well?
I use International one. With and without using VPN. Voth with same problem.
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