Wanting a faster version of BetonDroid, let me know price

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Wanting a faster version of BetonDroid, let me know price

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Hi, is there a way you can make a faster version of BetonDroid that can make inplay bets almost instantly.

I only use BetonDroid for courtsiding, so hence I only really use back and lay on inplay markets.

Currently with a 5 second betfair delay, it takes around 6.08 seconds from pressing a button to the bet going through on Betfair.

Is it possible to reduce that time for inplay betting, perhaps by getting rid of some features that may slow down the app.

Let me know what you can do, and also let me know about a price.


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for using BetOnDroid

1. In this version of BetOnDroid we dont use any approaches in order to slow down the bet placement, neither explicit nor implicit. And will never introduce such approaches in the future
2. Probably the only one thing would slow down your bet request - it is your mobile provider. To my mind that extra delay (1.08 second) is required in order to reach Betfair server from your phone. The net route looks like PHONE -> nearest BS station -> PROVIDER data center -> GLOBAL Internet -> BETFAIR data center. I could agree that if you are betting from UK then 1.06 sec delay is too much (your provider's equipment is too slow), but if you are betting from abroad it is normal delay.
3. We would interested to know which approach you are using in order to measure the actual order time delay so accurate (5 sec + 1.08 sec)
4. Paid subscription currently is not available
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