Insufficient funds message

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Insufficient funds message

Post by SQUIDDY69 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:24 pm

I am trying to place a back bet of £1.00 and I have a balance in my account of £1.00 but when I place back bet it won't allow me, it reads insufficient funds to place bet but I do have the funds.
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Re: Insufficient funds message

Post by SupportTeam » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:05 am

Currency Min bet size Min bet payout
UK Sterling 2 10
Euro 2 20
US Dollar 5 20
Australian Dollar 5 30
Canadian Dollar 6 30
Singapore Dollar 6 30
Romanian Leu 10 50
Brazilian Real 10 50
Hong Kong Dollars 25 125
Danish Kroner 30 150
Norwegian Kronor 30 150
Swedish Krona 30 150

As you already know Betfair Sports exchange defined minimum bet sizes for different currencies. See table above for minimum bets allowed

There are two approaches available to make bets below minimum at Betfair Sports Exchange. Both of them are approved by Betfair and supported by BetOnDroid application.

  • 1) You could change bet size of unmatched orders. That approach requires two steps to proceed. First, put the order using minimum bet size and price that is higher than market value. For example, if market has best BACK offer at 2.0 price then put your order at 3.0 price. Afterwards using BetOnDroid app go to your unmatched bets list and use edit bet feature to update bet size and actual bet price.
  • 2) Second approach is more comfortable. It uses Betfair's “Min Bet Payout” feature (is not available at website)
    As currently LIMIT bets where the backer’s stake is at and above the ‘Min Bet Size’ for the currency concerned (£2 for GBP) are valid. In addition, bets below this value are valid if the payout of the bet would be equal to or greater than the value of ‘Min Bet Payout’ - £10 for GBP. For example, a bet of £1 @ 10, or £0.1 @ 100 or £0.01 @ 1000 are all valid as they all target a payout of £10 or more. See table above for other currencies

The good news that if you selected for your orders a bet size below Betfair minimum then BetOnDroid application do automatic check on which approach to use and it will automatically use appropriate one. The bad news that you have to have at least minimum bet size funds available at your account to be sure that bet will be placed either with first or with second approach.

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